each of the link below point directly to file download of acer aspire 4715z driver for windows xp. these files are fully hosted at this domain with fast connection so you don’t have to worry about slow downloading speed.

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  1. Thx u….all driver work fine….but when i run dxdiag and click at displat tab…i have seen that my agp acceleration texture is disable….plz help me to solve this problem.

  2. thx before. but when i run chipset for it, doesn’t run said.. is it compatible or not.

    N for USB port why not respond again when i instaling my acer with xp sp 2.

    sory for my bad engglish.

  3. i need Modem Device oh High Definition Audio Bus and Network Controller. what driver i need to download to install that 2???

  4. @seed : go to your device manager, uninstall all usb device with yellow sign on it and restart your computer … that should fix it

    @john : install ONE of foxconn or lite-on modem driver. and for network controller, try marvel lan driver or atheros wireless driver or broadcom wireless driver

  5. Seem to have a problem with one of the drivers…my 4715z was vista and i removed it…i placed xp… there is a pci device uninstalled cant trace it. it has to be audio though cause i got no sound …everything else works fine…azalia doesnt seem to work… any ideas?

  6. after i install all the driver. i check the device manager. i lack 1 driver for network controller..could u teach me? thanksz~

  7. Hi, I tried to install wlan driver in my Acer 4715z laptop to Windows XP Professional from Acer download section but it seems that it’s not working. Could you please help me. Thanks

    ejthepogi : Try download both atheros and broadcom driver from the link above.

  8. tanong ko lang magkano kaya ang battery ng laptop ko na acer aspire 4715z kc wala pang 15.minute low battery na……..my installer ba kau para imoderaTE i mean mamaintain ung battery!……………tnx!

  9. ejthepogi………..kailangan n ng pc u ng hardware kc nagkakaerror n pla eh……….pareho tau ng pc…..gnun din skin………..

  10. i dont like window 7 kc dami hindi tatakbong program………mag windows XP profesional nalang mabilis pa………VIVA ACER.

  11. bagong format laptop ko ang problem ala ako wireless connection i tried to installed broadcom and ateros gnun p din d p din cia na detectec pero bago ko cia format okie naman cia.. bat gnun??? ng try din ako ibang installer i mean os bka kq dun my prob pero gnun pa din wierd

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