To be able to join Ruckus Zone Director/Smart Zone you must change your AP firmware from Unleashed to ZoneFlex.

Here is simple step by step to do it.


  1. 12 Volt adapter, minimum 1 Ampere with compatible plug or stand-alone POE switch (not connected to any network other than ruckus AP)
  2. Network Cable
  3. Ruckus ZoneFlex Firmware (v. 104.x.x.x)
  4. Original Ruckus Firmware (Unleashed: v. 2xx.x.x.x) – needed only for revert to original firmware
  5. Laptop with internet browser

Important note:

  1. Only one AP can be turn on and setup at one time or firmware change will fail.

Steps :

  1. Configure your laptop’s Ethernet adapter using (no gateway/dns needed)
  2. Plug your network cable, connecting your laptop to ruckus ethernet port (NOT POE PORT)
  3. Connect 12 Volt adapter to Ruckus power plug or connect POE port to POE enabled stand-alone switch
  4. Open your internet browser and go to (wait a little as ruckus AP might take a while to boot up)
  5. If you are being asked for https certificate error, just continue and trust the certificate
  6. In the first page of ruckus setup, just click “Next”
  7. In the next page use “Static IP Address”
  8. Change gateway to and DNS to and click “Next”
  9. In the next page choose “No” and click “Next”
  10. In the next page input simple password twice (no need complex password as it will only be used once when changing the firmware)
  11. Click Finish and OK if prompted
  12. Wait for the initial setup to finish
  13. After finish, you will be on AP login screen, if not repeat step 4 and 5 until you see login screen
  14. Login with username: admin and password you have setup at step 10
  15. If prompted for registration, click “Skip” and then “Yes, Skip”
  16. On the left pane, find “Administer” > “Upgrade”
  17. Wait a little as AP will try to find available network upgrade
  18. Choose “Local Upgrade” once it available
  19. Click “Browse” and choose ZoneFlex firmware (v. 104.x.x.x)
  20. Wait a little while firmware being uploaded to AP and then click “Upgrade”
  21. If prompted, click “OK”
  22. Wait until the progress show “100% Completed”
  23. Click “Reboot” and click “OK” if prompted
  24. Wait for progress to finish
  25. After finish, you should see new login screen
  26. Check with your wireless adapter/device if there is “island_xxxx” SSID available where xxxx is your AP’s MAC Address last digits
  27. Your AP is now ready to join Zone Director / Virtual Smart Zone

Total time needed: 15 to 20 minutes

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