if you want to dual boot windows xp and mac with windows xp as boot manager, follow the step by step below :

It’s most likely that Darwin (MAC OS boot manager) is your current boot manager. Darwin can easily read other Operating Sytem that already installed before MAC and make a list of it at boot time. But what if you want to make Windows XP as your default boot manager ? Here’s the step by step to do that :

  1. Boot into your windows xp
  2. Right Click My Computer > Manage
  3. Click on Disk Management on the left hand pane
  4. Right click your windows XP partition > Mark Partition as Active
  5. Download chain0 file (for booting into MAC OS X) from rapidshare
  6. Extract chain0 file to the root of your windows partition (if you install windows in drive c:\, extract chain0 to c:\)
  7. Launch command prompt (start > cmd > enter)
  8. In command prompt type attrib c:\boot.ini -h -r -s and press enter
  9. Still in command prompt, type notepad c:\boot.ini and press enter
  10. Add the following line to the end of boot.ini file that has been opened in notepad :
    c:\chain0="MAC OS X"
  11. Save the edited boot.ini and reboot your computer

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