some of you might have a problem installing realtek hd audio or azalia audio driver even when you have install the latest driver from manufacturer. and guess what … this happen most with regularly updated windows operating system.

this actually happened because your official driver choked up with microsoft uaa hd audio bus driver integrated into microsoft KB888111 or if you install windows xp sp3 (KB888111 included in windows xp sp3).
now let’s go to the solution :

  1. launch device manager by pressing WINDOWS LOGO together with PAUSE button on your keyboard
  2. go to HARDWARE tab and click on DEVICE MANAGER button
  3. expand system devices
  4. right click on microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audio and uninstall it
  5. download your official audio driver. for realtek audio driver, the latest driver already includes microsoft bus driver. you can download latest realtek audio driver from :

  6. run the official audio driver and restart your computer

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    This was so clear and concise and expert and ninja.

    I never knew that keyboard shortcut for start button + pause}break. I will never forget you.

  2. I tried this but I don’t have microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audio in my system devices. I have two listings for Microsoft high def audio controller. should i delete those?

  3. I can sure use some help with this issue. I am running Windows XP SP3. I deleted “microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition” and successfully installed Realtek driver. I have sound!

    The problem (very annoying) has been every time I restart my system… upon startup Windows will inform me of new hardware found… (microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition) and wants me to install the drivers. Of course I don’t have them or if I do it will screwup the WORKING Realtek driver.

    How can I get rid of this annoying Hardware found message.

    Please Help.

  4. @SSStars :
    When the new hardware found window appears again, just click next and continue (automatically detect), windows should read “microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audio” from realtek driver not from built-in windows driver.

    hope it helps

  5. voidzzz, thenks for help.

    I did as you suggested, that is “automatically detect”. Windows then displayed the following:

    I then backup to the prior step and clicked the the option that I will “tell” it were to find the drivers.

    Please wait while the wizzard install the software.

    The file ‘hdaudbus sys’ on windows driver cabinet is needed. Type the path where the file is located then click OK.

    I pointed it to c:\windows\system32\drivers… it found the file (hdaudbus sys) installed it and problem solved.

    Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.

  6. I’ve been dealing with this situation for weeks and can’t seem to find the most reliable solution.

    It’s seems that I’ve found the core problem. In the System Device in my Device Manager, the Microsoft UAA HD Audio Bus is not showing, so I can’t uninstall and re-install it. Do you have any idea why that happens? Thanks.

  7. I use windows xp-home with SP3, and i can not remove uaa high def audio-buss. Every time i try to remove
    th audio-buss in system manager, get the error message
    could not remove could be a system file for starting up?

    What to do? greatefoul for any help

  8. Hahaha, solved. Thanks for this solution, and thanks for SSStars. I same problem with you, and follow your steps. woala !! Solved. I am very happy. TQTQTQ.

  9. @Andry,

    MS site explains how to remove UAA when it is not readily visible on your system.

    see “”

    The explaination is near the end of the article, but read the entire thing. This involves manually changing your registry so you need to back up your registry to be safe. The backup technique is referenced in the article.

    Good luck.

  10. hi i have the 4 steps and the is no microsoft uaa bus driver for hing definition audio in the system decvices, what shuold i do


  11. (This is easy and it works every time!) Here is a solution which changes the CSD Version of SP3 to SP2 so that you can install the KB888111 for SP2.Once you’re done with that, just remember to change back the CDSVersion to SP3. Below are the steps from Bored SysAdmin blog which he translated from some Chinese websites. Let’s get on with the solution… see if it works for you. :D 1) Open Regedit (Start-Control-regedit) and go to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\CDSVersion 2) Double-click CDS Version and change it to 200, then restart your system. Once you are done install the hotfix from Microsoft for the UAA and then install your drivers. Then restart and go back and change to SP3 again this will keep you from getting tons of updates.

  12. Dear SSStars & voidzzz,
    Pls help me in restoring my audio issue.
    My sys config is Windows XP Pro SP2.
    I don’t find any Microsoft UAA HD Audio Bus in it.
    Kindly suggest.

  13. I have new Nvidia drivers and think there is a driver conflict because Nvidia handles all the HD audio now and I think Real Tek is redundant. Windows always tried to instll driver twice, from source and through manufacturer’s installer.

  14. I have done every step you have asked except step 4 and beyond, because the Device Manager does not have Microsoft Uaa Bus Driver for High Definition Audio. So what do I do?

  15. For me it was as simple as pointing it to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS folder when it asked to locate the hdaudbus.sys.

  16. Kinda same problem here: I had to buy a new graphics card. Installed it and its’ drivers. OK. Or that’s what I thought:

    Suddenly stupid XP (SP3) decided, that althought UUA HD driver (= for RealTek HD –> PCI Slot 0 / Device 20) were working, it’d be good to make a copy of them and my realtek HD too and and then try to make UUA HD work with…

    …not with that 2nd Realtek (= shown as an unknown device, but the “Location 65535” tells me what it is), but with my new GeForce (–> PCI Slot 17 / Device 0) !. What ???. It has no audio chip on it, so why would it need (wrong) audio drivers !. = This is stupid.

    I’ve no idea, why my stupid XP “thinks” that, UUA HD audio drivers are also for my new GeForce, when my old GeForce didn’t need them. = Arrgghhh.

  17. hello friends…i am having window 7,in my device manager there is no option for microsoft uaa bus what should i do..please help

  18. I did just like the steps said But after deleting microsoft uaa hd audio bus driver i instaled Realtek i restarted My pc again then Nothing changed The Motherfuking microsoft uaa hd audio bus driver was still In there what shall I do ?!!!!!!

  19. i have problem of error code-0xE0000246 but after uninstalling audio bus driver. while reebooting the system it is showing it is not uninstalled. can u suggest me the way to get rid of this problem . then only i can install realtek hD audio for my windows 8.1 hp.

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