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how to extract exe files

October 28, 2008 by voidzzz | Filed under How-To.

for those of you who need to extract exe files and grab whats inside the exe, i’ll show you how to do that manually.

Updated :

Just download the program to extract exe files from here :


Outdated :

You can simply do this using compression utility such as winrar or 7zip. but it just won’t work for a few exe files such as those that comes from intel website.

As an example, i use Intel SATA/AHCI driver that can be downloaded here.

To extract the file :

  1. Launch Command Prompt
  2. Go to the directory where you save/download IATA85ENU.exe
  3. Type the following command :
    IATA85ENU.exe /A /P C:\IATA

The files will be extracted to C:\IATA (or any folder that you point in the command above)

Alternatively you can use Universal Extractor

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9 Responses to “how to extract exe files”

  1. voidzzz says:

    @ilhami : what file exactly you want to extract ? and what is the error that you got ?

  2. Anurag says:

    Hi, it is only runs the given exe file, I cannot see any extraction to the specified folder.

  3. Rj says:

    this method is not working from the cmd line in Win 7.

  4. william says:

    im on WinXP sp3 and i have this error :

    C:\>x264-32bit.exe /A /P C:\extracted-files
    x264 [error]: No output file. Run x264 –help for a list of options.

    Thats all…

    I tried with Universal Etractor and 7zip, firt cant extract cuz it says “UPX” file. And 7zip give me 3 files : UPX0, UPX1 and UPX2.
    And i cant do nothing with those files…

    Any idea?


  5. william says:

    i tried this to :

    x264-32bit.exe /t:C:\extracted_files\ /c


    c:\x264-32bit.exe -a -a -pc:\

    but not working too…


  6. benson says:

    is your x264-32bit.exe in your c:\xyz ?? (note xyz is the name of the folder)
    if it is… your cmd prompt should be
    c:\x264-32bit.exe /a /p c:\xyz

  7. phani says:


    use the above link to download universal extractor and install on ur pc

    then extract the .exe through that application

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