for those of you who need to extract exe files and grab whats inside the exe, i’ll show you how to do that manually.

Updated :

Just download the program to extract exe files from here :

Outdated :

You can simply do this using compression utility such as winrar or 7zip. but it just won’t work for a few exe files such as those that comes from intel website.

As an example, i use Intel SATA/AHCI driver that can be downloaded here.

To extract the file :

  1. Launch Command Prompt
  2. Go to the directory where you save/download IATA85ENU.exe
  3. Type the following command :
    IATA85ENU.exe /A /P C:\IATA

The files will be extracted to C:\IATA (or any folder that you point in the command above)

Alternatively you can use Universal Extractor

10 Replies to “how to extract exe files”

  1. im on WinXP sp3 and i have this error :

    C:\>x264-32bit.exe /A /P C:\extracted-files
    x264 [error]: No output file. Run x264 –help for a list of options.

    Thats all…

    I tried with Universal Etractor and 7zip, firt cant extract cuz it says “UPX” file. And 7zip give me 3 files : UPX0, UPX1 and UPX2.
    And i cant do nothing with those files…

    Any idea?


  2. is your x264-32bit.exe in your c:\xyz ?? (note xyz is the name of the folder)
    if it is… your cmd prompt should be
    c:\x264-32bit.exe /a /p c:\xyz

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